Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We're Back

Wow, almost two months without a new post. Things have been crazy since school began. Aaron finished his Master's Degree in August from Indiana University School of Business. Way to go Dad! But now, mom is crazy busy. I'm teaching a course at Eastern Michigan University, going back to school at Oakland University to get my Early Childhood endorsement, working part time as a POHI teacher and taking Addy to therapy 4 days a week! Whew......some days I can hardly remember what day it is or what I am suppose to do. Thank goodness for the i-phone that keeps me in check.

At the beginning of September we went to Michigan's Adventure in Muskegon with Grandma and Grandpa Mills. Addy was not allowed on the rides at first because the rule of thumb was that you had to be walking. Once I explained that her not walking was not due to age, but rather to a disability, my how things changed and she was allowed on every ride. Funny how they don't argue with you about that.

Addy is very mobile still on her knees. She can also pull herself up to her knees, but not quite to her feet yet. She still has a long way to go with the strength in her legs. She will be receiving ankle braces (SMO's) in a week or two. We are hoping this will give her the extra strength she needs to get up on her feet more. She loves going to daycare every day and being with her friends. Still behind with speech, but has several words that we have been surprised to her from her such as mama, dada, all done, Dora, on, and many animal sounds.