Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week of Adventures

Well as we promised, the adventures continue. Here's what was exciting over the last few days:


Addy walked with canes during therapy. I don't have a picture since I never take anything in the rehab center with me, so I will try and get one next time.


Addy wore her hair in braids for the first time.

She then rode a small lifelike rocking horse at our friends house, Kyle and Megan. We were meeting their new baby Aaden. He was absolutely adorable!

Our power had been out since the afternoon storm and was still out when we returned home. Addy had fun playing with a flashlight and shining it on the ceiling. (Yes, she's sitting on a potty chair, more about that later...)


We took Addy to the zoo for the first time.

Then to cap off the evening we took Addy to the Stars and Stripes fireworks show in Mt. Clemens. She loved the fireworks and was attentive the whole show. She liked naming the colors of the them in the sky and now if you ask her about fireworks, she says, Boom, Boom, Boom.


Addy experienced the ice cream truck for the first time. What's more fun when your kids, then getting ice cream from the ice cream truck?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Summer of Addy-ventures

What on earth am I talking about...Addy-ventures???? Well, I have set a goal for myself and Addy this summer. The goal is that each day I will create or do a new adventure or activity with Addy that she has not yet experienced. It can be big or small, preferably free of charge, but will always be FUN and PLAYFUL!

Today was the beginning of our Addy-ventures and Addison had two new experiences today. The first was the library. I took her to the Sterling Heights library for the first time. She's a book worm so I knew she would enjoy it, but honestly we never made it to the book section while we were there. Addy had so much fun doing puzzles, coloring, playing with the train set and exploring the children's area that we never even read a book. But....we definitely checked out some new books that we have already read several times at home along with two music CD's for the car rides.

Then tonight we were invited over to the neighbor's house to go swimming in their pool. Addy loves to play with Isabelle who is 16 months old. While we were there Addy had a push-up for the first time (and no I'm not talking about exercise.) Remember those push-ups we used to eat as kids. I loved them. Well Addy did as well.

How many new experiences can we fit in this summer? The possibilities are endless so I've started a list on the side so we can keep track. Here's to a summer filled with Addy-ventures!

Monday, June 22, 2009

1st Camping Trip of Summer

We went on our first camping trip of the summer over the weekend to South Higgins Lake State Park. All we can say is wow.....this is our new favorite campground. The bathrooms were close, the lots were nice and big and the beach was just a few steps away. Doesn't get much better than that. Although Addy has been camping since she was born, this was the first camping trip where she was old enough to actually understand what we were doing. She was very excited to ride in the motorhome. We met our friends, Tara, Kyle, Tyler and Ethan there. Addy had a great time playing with friends, swimming, going for wagon rides, playing at the playground and just being in an outdoor environment all weekend. I'm including some pics (I mean a lot of pics). And by the way this is only about half of the pictures I actually took. Can you tell how much fun we had?