Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun Weekend

Okay, so I'm a week behind, but these pics are from last weekend. We had a fun, long weekend over in the Ionia/Grand Rapids area with Grandma Kris and Grandpa Bub. First up on Friday we tried to go the Millenium Park in Grand Rapids for some fun at the Splash pad with Kaya and Steph. There was only one problem, the weather was certainly not warm enough to go to the Splash Pad. What's going on with this weather in July??? So, we hung out on the beach instead, but it was still very cold.

Then Saturday during the day we headed to a family reunion with Aaron's dad's family. I only got a couple of pics of the kids putting their toes in the water. Again, it was way to cold to swim in the beautiful pool they had.

After partying there, it was off to the Ionia Free Fair. It's an annual event for us since Aaron is originally from Ionia. We love the fair food and Addy is loving everything about the fair more and more each year. Of course we couldn't go to the fair without Addy wearing her John Deere sweatshirt. We certainly wouldn't be caught wearing it anywhere else....except maybe camping.

I got my toes painted!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've been struggling for some time with the independence issue with Addy. My goal for her is to be as independent as possible, however, I am seeing that at times I am finding this goal difficult to obtain. Not because of things we do or do not do, but more because of equipment issues. Whenever we go somewhere, I am torn between which mode of mobility to give her. I really want her to utilize her walker as much as possible, but there are a number of times when we are held back.

For example, at the zoo yesterday, I so badly wanted to allow Addy to have the opportunity to use her walker during times when we took breaks and her other 2 year old friend was able to run and jump and play around us. Addy on the other hand is left to sit or crawl on the ground without the walker. Problem is, I have no way of transporting the walker when we go places. I can't manage a stroller along with a walker in my hands and I have tried every possible way of hanging the walker on the stroller and it just doesn't fit. Several months ago Aaron and I went to a babies store. We took the walker in with us and pulled every stroller imaginable off the shelves to see if it was adequate enough to be able to sling the walker over. Nothing worked:(

So, after speaking with her PT, we decided to order Addy an orthopedic stroller. She would eventually need one as long distances will probably always be difficult for her. This stroller would allow for the ability to place the walker on the handlebars and still utilize the stroller. We had an appointment with a vendor from Wright and Filippis and Addy was measured for the stroller. Time until arrival was about two months pending it was approved by insurance.

Insurance- that's the issue. I received a phone call saying that our insurance does not allow for pre-approval (which I think is crazy). Therefore, the equipment would have to be ordered and delivered to me before the insurance could be billed. At that point if the insurance denies the claim then we are stuck to pay the bill. UGHHHH! I can't do that. This stroller costs about $2000.

I still think I was told the wrong information and we are checking into it more, but yesterday at the zoo made me realize just how much we need the stroller. I honestly felt bad that she was left to sit when she could have been up on her feet and moving around. I also know that I have been putting us both in unsafe situations by trying to carry Addy along with the walker to avoid some distance, but still give her the option to walk some of it. She certainly is not light and then adding the walker only makes it worse.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Zoo Day

Today we were back at the Detroit Zoo. This time we ventured out with Steph, Megan and Angie who all have kids of their own. What a fun day it was. We arrived at the zoo about 11:00 and left about 4:00. It was nice being able to take our time and take small breaks along the way for the kids to interact.

Aaden- 2 months old
Avery- 5 months old

Kaya- 2 years old

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Up North Addyventures

While we were up north, Addy had several new experiences. First we went fishing and Addy caught two fish. She loved reeling in the line and was actually brave enough to touch the fish.

She then took her first 4-wheeler ride. She loves riding the golf cart, but was a little timid at first on the 4-wheeler because it was much louder. Once she rode, we couldn't get her off.

And we couldn't let the weekend go by without some firework fun. Here's Addy with her first sparkler. Now don't get all huffy....I know she's only 2. I was close at her side and she did exceptionally well keeping it away from her body. Lots of fun! (And yes, her shirt does say PEACE, LOVE & SMORES). Perfect for camping, don't you think?

4th of July

This year we took our annual camping trip to the Kota's in Omer (Standish), Michigan for the 4th of July. It was 20 years for the tradition of meeting up and camping at the Kota cabin. Of the last 20 years, we tried to figure out how many I have been a part of and we figured out that somewhere between 13-15 of the years I have been there. What a change from years past when I was going there as a kid myself. Now we all come with our own kids.

I told Addy it was time to go and these are the toys she elected to take with her

Playing the washer game

Coming down the tube slide

Trying the monkey bars

Tyler directing how the tent should be put up

Taking a spin on the golf cart

Tyler and Ethan riding the Gator

Tyler fishing with Dad

Having fun in the swingset fort

Happy 4th of July

Tara with Veda

Macy and Veda- the littlest campers this year

All the future canoers!

Too many outfit changes for the 4th of July

Happy 4th