Sunday, April 19, 2009

Awesome Weather

Wow.....could we ask for better weather than what we got on Friday and Saturday? Addy's new favorite thing is to go and play outside. Grandma Kris came over on Saturday which allowed Aaron and I to get a lot of things done such as yard work, cleaning and putting together our new patio set. Addy really wanted to help Daddy put it together as you can see in the pics. We also put together her new umbrella table and chairs set which she got for her birthday last year, but was too young to use. Happy early Birthday present. She is also obsessed with the sand. She spent hours playing in her sandbox and sand table.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Touching Song

I found this video on another blog that I follow. The style of music isn't the greatest, but it's very touching. So for all you moms out there with children who have special needs, this is for you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Addy had her photo shoot this past Saturday for The Littlest Heroes Project. Here's a link to the pics. They are soooo cute! A big thank you to Wendy Martin for her time and awesome work. She will be posting some of the pics on her blog and Addy will also have a write up done on The Littlest Heroes webpage soon. Will let you know when that gets posted.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Easter

The Easter celebration continued today at the Riley side of our family. We went to Aunt Peggy's house with Grandpa Riley, lots of aunts and uncles and many cousins. Addy had fun playing with all the kids. She especially liked playing with cousin Kaerigan because he is closer to her size and was crawling all around with her. We also went on an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Great fun! Enjoy the pics.

Addy's Easter dress

Playing with cousin Reese

Peek-a-boo with Reese

Grandpa Riley

Easter egg hunt

Playing with Kaerigan

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Addy had fun with her Easter basket this morning. The bunny hid it and she searched and searched. We looked under the table, in the bathroom and even in the microwave. we finally found it in the dining room by the fire place. Her eyes light up the second she saw it. She removed each item one by one and looked at them in great detail. Her favorite was the Dora Fiesta set. It's actually a little birthday play set. Thought is was good timing, since her birthday is coming up and she's really been into the imaginative play of celebrating birthdays. Hopefully I can get some pictures of her in her Easter dress later today. Off to celebrate with family. Hope everyone has a great Easter with friends and family.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy Day

Wow...we have had a busy day. After a long week of mom being off work and Addy being sick all week, we certainly made up for it today. To begin the day, Addy had her photo shoot for The Littlest Heroes Project. We went to a local park at 10:00 the morning. The sun was shining, but it certainly was not warm. The wind made it feel very cold. Our photographer was Wendy Martin She took roughly 200 pictures with 2 different outfit changes. She was great with Addy. She's actually a special education teacher herself who has a love for photography. Pretty cool! We are anxious to get the pics. She should have a sneak peek for us in a couple of days, so stay tuned.

After a long nap, we headed to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. We realized that we never took Addy last year, so we didn't want to miss out again. Addy didn't smile much while she was sitting on his lap and we felt rushed due to the people waiting in line behind us. Part of the problem was that once we sat her on the bunny's lap she couldn't really see him or her?? The bunny didn't move much and I'll admit was a little scary even to me.

After we left the mall we headed back to the park. Addy wanted to play this morning, but it was just too cold. Enjoy the pics of her getting around the playground with her walker. On a side note...we should be getting her new braces any day now. I am not looking forward to shoe shopping with them. Ugh!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Eggs

We dyed easter eggs tonight. The egg spinner by Dudley is the best keep secret in egg dying. It's awesome because everything stays contained within the spinner and it's even easy enough for a 2 year old to do. And.....they only cost $5.00 at Walmart. Get yours today!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Spartan Pep Rally

We attended the Spartan pep rally at Somerset mall on Friday night. Addy had a great time. She said "spartan" every time she saw a spartan on a banner, shirt, etc. She even clapped along when the band played the fight song. Tomorrow.....we're off to the big game. Unfortunately, Addy is still too young to partake in the all day festivities so she will be staying home with Grandma.