Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Wish Granted!

This adaptive bicycle is on our way to our house as we speak! I added Addy's name to the AMBUCS wishlist (see link at side of page) a while back when I discovered this bike. She had a chance to ride it and it was a great therapeutic tool for her. After adding her name to a very long list of other wishers also hoping to get bikes, I really didn't think that it would ever become reality. Well, we received word today that an anonymous donor purchased the bike for Addy. All we know is that is it someone that Addy does not know. How thoughtful, especially during the holiday season. Now we just need Spring/Summer to come a little bit faster and we will be out riding our new bike. A huge thank you to that special person who took the time to bring a smile to the face of a little girl with special needs.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


We took Addy to Lakeside Mall to see Santa. I really thought this was going to be the year when she would freak and not want to sit on Santa's lap. I was wrong. She was very excited, walked right up to him with her walker and took a seat on his lap. She told him she wanted Dora presents for Christmas. He was a great Santa, very patient with her and very kind. I only got one good pic. My other ones turned out blurry, but we got great pics in the package we purchased from the mall.

Christmas Tree

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we not only attended the circus, but we also headed out on our annual trip to cut down a Christmas tree. This year we had no snow and it was a very nice day to be out and about. We took the sled for Addy, only because strollers don't work well on the tree farm. She ended up riding on the Christmas tree cart until we got the tree. She was very excited for the cider and donuts that came after.

Our real tree decorated- in the front room

Our artificial tree decorated- in our back room


The weekend before Thanksgiving we took Addy to see the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. We were not sure if she was old enough for the circus yet and if it would keep her attention, but she seemed to really enjoy it. Her favorite was the elephants. The pictures are not very good.

Leaf Fun