Saturday, December 31, 2011

Making so much progress!

All of a sudden, Addy has really started making great strides physically. I'm not sure if I can contribute it to just one thing because it seems that so many things happened simultaneously.

Addy went through 4 weeks of casting to stretch her ankles out and be able to get a better fitting pair of braces which she got at the end of October. Just as this was happening, we moved into our new place which has completely opened up her world. Being in an open ranch has allowed her to be up on her feet more doing many more things for herself and gaining a stronger sense of independence.

A couple of weeks after moving, her school therapist suggested trying electric stimulation on her quad muscles in outside therapy. We immediately began doing that while at the same time she started walking on a treadmill in therapy. Just to be able to see her maintain a consistent walking pace for a great length of time was incredible. After a couple of sessions of walking on the treadmill, her outside therapist went back to trying her on the loft strand crutches which she had tried many times previously, requiring a great deal of assistance. Low and behold, she was almost completely independent with them. I was amazed. Even more amazing is that she brought them home (borrowed) from therapy with her last Thursday and has been all over the house with them independently. I can hardly believe it! The amount of leg strength it takes to use the loft strand crutches is far greater than what she is required to use when walking with the walker. The walker allows her to cheat a little bit more and rely on the strength of her arms.

All the while these things were happening we were awaiting an appointment to pick out a wheelchair for Addy. She currently had an orthopedic stroller that she would use when we would go places that required a lot of distance walking, but the stroller required us to push her and didn't allow for her to have any independence. The wheelchair will allow Addy to go where she wants when we are out and about. We ordered the wheelchair mid-December and just picked it up yesterday. That was the fastest turn around I have ever experienced for someone getting a wheelchair. Addy is excited about it and we are too.

So, a lot of things happening in Addy's world all for the better. Here are a few pics of her new equipment. The crutches are borrowed and she will be getting hey own sparkly pink pair soon along with an electrical stimulation machine for home use.