Thursday, February 21, 2008

Early Intervention

Well we are on vacation and I am up bright and early with Addy so I thought I would update you on some things that have taken place in the last couple of weeks.

We had Addy's IFSP at the Macomb ISD. Addy will be receiving early intervention services due to her developmental delays physically. A total of 2 hours per week is offered. She will receive OT and PT alternating each week at our house for an hour. I will also be taking her to a play group for an hour with 3 other students at the ISD every Tuesday. Addy will be the youngest in the group with the next oldest child being a year old. I am very excited about this opportunity to see how she interacts with others and receive others professional opinions on her development.

Last week we also saw Dr. Nelson at the University of Michigan. She is a physical medicine doctor who specializes in Arthrogryposis. Needless to say, we walked away from the appointment very disappointed. Since Addy has received the diagnosis (I should say even before), I have been researching Arthrogryposis like a mad woman. Therefore, every thing that the doctor had to say was already a part of my vocabulary and knowledge. I also had a big list of questions, some that took her by surprise and none of which we received answers for. The best thing we got out of the visit was that the doctor was going to submit all of the information for Addy to apply for Children's Special Heath Care. She even said she would argue in her favor, should she get rejected for the insurance the first time around. This will be beneficial to us so that Addy could continue to receive therapy year round rather than taking breaks due to our current insurance coverage.

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