Saturday, March 22, 2008

Addy Update

Addy saw the pediatrician at 10 months. She weighed 22 pounds, 6 ounces, so we definitely have the weight under control.

She is continuing with the OT and PT every week and seems to be getting much stronger. One of her PT's is hopeful that she will be crawling by her 1st birthday. We shall see. Mom and dad are hoping.

I was beginning to get frustrated with eating, because we were feeding Addy everything with very little attempt on her part to help out. Because she is delayed with her hand development, I was beginning to worry that she was going to get too used to mom and dad feeding her and she would not want to feed herself. Well, she proved me wrong. We had quesadilla's one night last week and Aaron made Addy her own cheese quesadilla. We cut it up into pieces small enough to eat, but large enough to pick up. She tried a couple. Then later in the week I picked Addy up from daycare and both caregivers were hooting and hollering that Addy had fed herself all day- pancakes, corn and strawberries. They could not believe it! Must have been that quesadilla! Anyway, she is now attempting to feed herself most anything we put on her tray. She still doesn't have a pincher grasp so much of it doesn't end up in her mouth. We don't mind the mess as long as we see her trying. She's definitely a good eater. She is now eating almost anything we eat as a family.
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