Sunday, April 6, 2008

Outside Fun

We took Addy to a Tigers Game on Saturday. Packed her up in the snugli and away we went. She loved it! She was very well behaved throughout the whole game and even skipped her 2 hour nap. Addy loves being outside and always seems to be in good spirits when we are. Too bad they lost.

We also have a "pull behind" for our bicycle. So on Sunday we took Addy for her first bike ride. She especially enjoyed that. There will be many more to come this summer.

Just this weekend, Addy is starting to get herself up onto all fours. She's not quite sure what to do when she gets there. Sometimes rocks a little and sometimes falls forward onto her face. We have strategically been placing her toys farther away from her and making her work to get to them. One of Addy's physical therapists suggested that possibly Addy's vestibular system is underdeveloped. Most kids vestibular system develops as they begin to move about their environment, however because Addy is still stationary her system needs a little help. When this system is not developed, babies tend to be less mobile and be content to stay in one spot. She suggested that we start spinning Addy everyday for a short period of time. Ever since we have been doing this Addy has been all over the place. She is rolling all around and seems to have much more motivation to move about her environment and go after toys.

Tigers Game

Addy's 1st bike ride

Trying to help dad fold laundry

Looking cute

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