Friday, January 30, 2009


Well our miss Addison is sick. It started out over the weekend as pink eye and has now turned into RSV. RSV stands for respiratory syncytial virus. It's a respiratory infection of the lungs and breathing passages. It's very common in children, but the main concern is that it can lead to pneumonia. Addy was sent for a chest x-ray to be sure, but so far her lungs are clear. She's running a very high fever as well. Because it's viral, no antibiotic can be given. We are giving her breathing treatments every4 hours along with Motrin and Tylenol. Mom stayed home at the beginning of the week, dad stayed home in the middle and Grandma came to the rescue at the end of the week. Hopefully she will be well enough to return to daycare next week. Get well soon Addy!


Melanie said...

awww poor baby. I hope she feels better soon!

Tara said...

Are you feeling better now, Addy? Get well soon! Love, Tyler