Sunday, March 29, 2009


How about those Spartans!!!!! We are very excited. Addy has been saying "Go Spartans" all weekend long.

Just an update on some medical things. Addy is in the process of getting new braces. These will be AFO's which are much higher than her current SMO's. I'm not really looking forward to them. The doctor is hoping that they will help her stop crouching so much and allow her to not drag her feet as much when using the walker. I'm concerned because it will change her pattern when walking. She will now have to pick her feet entirely up as the braces will restrict her ankles from flexing. It also will change her transitions from floor to standing and standing to floor. She has become much more fluid with transitions lately and I don't want that to change. She should be getting the AFO's very soon. Will keep you posted.

Here are a couple of outside pics....riding cars with our neighbor Isabelle and playing in the sand table.


Lonnie said...

Ya know...I really dislike the Sparty's. I am a die hard UM fan. I love seeing the Big Ten do well, but I usually enjoy watching State go down. But, for the first time in my life, I am pulling for MSU. I have no idea why, but I am. Maybe it is the fact that the Final Four is here. You will not find me in Green/White anytime soon, but I hope the do it.

Having said all that, I must finish with a resounding...GO BLUE!

Anonymous said...

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