Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Up North Addyventures

While we were up north, Addy had several new experiences. First we went fishing and Addy caught two fish. She loved reeling in the line and was actually brave enough to touch the fish.

She then took her first 4-wheeler ride. She loves riding the golf cart, but was a little timid at first on the 4-wheeler because it was much louder. Once she rode, we couldn't get her off.

And we couldn't let the weekend go by without some firework fun. Here's Addy with her first sparkler. Now don't get all huffy....I know she's only 2. I was close at her side and she did exceptionally well keeping it away from her body. Lots of fun! (And yes, her shirt does say PEACE, LOVE & SMORES). Perfect for camping, don't you think?

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Melanie said...

Oh we tried the sparklers with Daniel. Nope, that didn't work so well!

Addy's braver than me...I would never touch the fish when my dad took me fishing! I loved reeling them in, but he did the baiting and taking them off! (I have an sensory issue with some things...can you tell?!)