Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Pics

Things have been very busy around here. We had these pics taken 2 weeks ago and I am just now getting around to posting them. I have a lot more activities to post......hopefully soon.

You will see the pic of Addy in her "cowboy" outfit. This is her Halloween costume. She is very much into Halloween this year. She's been talking about it for weeks. She understands the concept that she will say "trick-or-treat" and get candy and is very much into dressing up in a costume. I thought that I would be able to pick out her costume one more year and pick something very cute like a bumblebee, monkey or some other cute animal. Well I forgot that very quickly. As soon as I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, she told me a cowboy and hasn't changed her mind. I'm not really sure where the cowboy idea came from, but she's sticking to it. If you try and convince her that she's a cowgirl rather then a cowboy, she insists that she's a cowboy. I guess I don't always get my way.


Tara said...

Very cute! She looks fantastic in her costume...and way cuter than Spider Man!

Kimberly said...

Addy is by far the cutest "cowboy" around! I love the fall pictures!

Melanie said...

LOL those are some of the cutest photos!! Cowboy or cowgirl, she'll be sure to get lotsa candy!