Saturday, January 30, 2010

Surgery update/Having fun

Addy's surgery went very well. Tubes were put in both ears and a scope was done. After the scope, the doc paged me to discuss the results before they lifted the anesthesia. What they found was kind of expected. She still showed signs of laryngomalacia. Most kids outgrow this by her age and there is no telling whether or not she would outgrow it in time, so the doc suggested that we cut some of the tissue away in the glottal area to help her out. They did just that and amazingly it has seemed to work. We no longer hear any loud breathing during physical activity. I am thrilled that it worked. Addy recovered much better than we could have expected and took everything in stride. We couldn't have asked for more. Doesn't she look just thrilled in this picture???

Addy's new favorite thing is to make hot cocoa with marshmallows. In therapy this week she created an art project of a cup of cocoa using real cocoa, paint and cotton balls. The project was then followed by the experience of her getting to make her own hot cocoa. Boy did she like it and now of course we have to do it at home!

Last weekend we headed to Ionia to visit Grandma and Grandpa Mills. On New Year's Eve, Aaron and I went out while Grandma and Grandpa took Addy to a roller skating party. Now I know you are asking yourself how in the world a kid who can't walk roller skated. Well, we assumed that she would just walk around the rink using her walker. She did that, but also told Grandma that she wanted to put on her own pair of roller skates. She even said in her own words..."Grandma, I'm gonna try really, really hard." So, she did. It was difficult for her and she didn't get far, but enjoyed having the skates on her feet. So after hearing the stories, Aaron and I had to go for a trip to see it for ourselves.

This time we took along our own pair of skates that we higher in the ankle for more stability. She could wear them over her shoes and fit well. I was amazed that she actually was able to get up and roller skate with them on using her walker. I held her by the back of the pants just in case of a fall, but she did the rest. She is one motivated little girl! What fun it was to see her trying so hard. Our friends, Marty, Steph and Kaya also came along. Kaya was very scared at first since she had never roller skated before, bu it didn't take her long to really enjoy it. Guess we will have to do that more often.

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