Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to my little girl!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my precious little girl.

Dear Addison,

3 years ago today you were born into this world. I can remember how excited your daddy and I were. How you changed our lives in so many ways on this very day:

-You made us parents for the very first time
-You brought instant joy and made our "family" complete
-You turned 2 people into grandparents for the first time and brought such happiness even for those experiencing it for the second time around

Over the last 3 years you have:
-Shown us what it means to be a fighter
-Given us strength that we never thought we had
-Brought joy instantaneously to everyone you meet
-Achieved things that some may have thought were never possible
-Allowed us to see that the simplest things is life far outweigh the bigger things
-Spent everyday with a smile on your face no matter what obstacles you might be facing

Addison, as I write this today, on your last birthday as an only child, I am forever grateful that you are my daughter. You have a smile and personality that lights up a room and I could never wish for anything more. Although we may not be able to predict what the future holds for you, I know you were given to us for a purpose and that you will go far in life no matter what direction that may be. However, I can predict the next important step for you. That is becoming a big sister for the first time. I have no doubt that you will be the greatest big sister ever. I look forward to you taking on this role and showing your little sister the best things in life as you two grow old together.

Today the tears flow. They are tears of happiness and sadness at the same time. Sadness that you are growing up and all I want is for you to forever be my baby, but also tears of joy that you are the wonderful little person you are and we are so lucky to be your parents.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl and always, always keep that smile on your face.

Love, Mommy

Here are some pics from Addy's 3rd birthday party:

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Melanie said...

ok....that got me teary! What a wonderful letter to Addy. I am sure she had a wonderful birthday and she will have many more to come being the bestest older big sister!