Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shriners Hospital in Philly

I am very far behind in here goes!

Addy and I took a trip to Shriner's hospital in Philadelphia in mid August. This hospital has an orthopedic doc who specializes in dealing with the issues that having Arthrogryposis presents. So, away we went. A huge thank you to Continental Careforce who paid for our airfare to get there and back. While there we stayed at the Ronald McDonald house in Camden, New Jersey because the house in Philly was full. It was quite an experience trying to navigate my way around several cities that I didn't know while having Addy in tow, but we successfully did it!

When we arrived at the Ronald McDonald house, the room we were given just happened to be the Dora room. Addy was in heaven. We arrived the day before her appointment so we went downtown Philly and went on Ride the Duck. It's a sightseeing tour that takes you on a bus ride through the city and then it turns into a boat and you get a short ride on the river. Addy had a great time. We then walked downtown, grabbed a cheesesteak sandwich and saw the Liberty Bell.

The doctor's appointment went well. He does feel as though she needs a new set of braces and perhaps even a different style. Her ankles are so tight to the point that she is walking on her toes. He wants to put her through a series of casting along with new braces made by the orthotist that he works with. Our goal is to get her ankles loosened back up so that she can get her heels on the ground and be able to progress forward to independent standing. The only problem with this is that we will have to travel to Philly several more times because he wants to be the one to cast and brace her. Our first appointment to go back is October 24th. We will probably make the 11 hour drive next time around....yikes! I am hopeful that we can get Addy moving in the right direction. Will keep you updated.

And a big THANKS to Shriner's hospital, Continental Carefore and the Ronald McDonald organization for all you do for kids. This wouldn't have been possible without you.

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