Monday, May 26, 2008


Addy has been on a roll lately with her development. All of a sudden, it seems like she learns something new everyday. She can now go from sitting to crawling and crawling to sitting. This opened up her world of mobility. She is not quite crawling on all fours, but can get to just about any place she wants to be, pulling with her arms and doing more of an army crawl.

She can now do "more" in sign language when she wants more of something. Just today she learned to wave bye-bye and now likes to help dress herself....even her diaper! She is bearing more weight and able to play at her play tables standing up and kneeling. She does try to pull herself up at times if she's sitting slightly off the ground on a stool or mom's leg. Go Addy....Keep it up!

We saw the plastic surgeon at Children's hospital for her neck. The doctor was actually very lax about her neck, thinking that to her it didn't look so bad. We are going to try wearing a tot collar, which will be worn about 2 hours a day. It holds the neck in a straight position while at the same time stretching it out. It first must be ordered which I'm sure will take a while. The doctor was actually more concerned about Addy's bifid uvula and after checking her out again, said that she does also have a small notch in the roof of her mouth, which is considered a submucous cleft palate. Again she touched on the fact that a lot of these things often result in speech problems and delays. She would like Addy to be seen for an evaluation by a speech therapist that specializes in dealing with kids with cleft palates. This will happen the first of July. Thought also, that having her eyes rechecked would be a good idea because of the decreased use of her neck. We are also going to have a C-Spine x-ray redone. Last one was taken when Addy was a month old and nothing abnormal was noticed at the time. Going to get all of the above done and see the doctor again in 3 months.

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