Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cutting down the Christmas Tree

Well we went to cut down a Christmas Tree yesterday. It was very cold and it felt weird with no snow on the ground. We got back in the very large lot of trees and we cut down what we thought was a Douglas Fir. Once the tractor arrived to pick us up, the guy told us we had cut down a Spruce and there was no way it would last us until Christmas, so we had to start all over. Addy had a great time getting pulled on the sled, despite having no snow.
Waiting for the tractor with Daddy

Taking a ride on the tractorSled ride with no snow:( Staying warm with mom
What we thought was going to be our Christmas Tree Our final tree
Addy enjoying the tree at home

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Tara said...

lIt's not even Thanksgiving yet! We have lots of snow here.