Thursday, November 13, 2008

Look at Me!

Well, I haven't told you about Addy's continuing progress in a while so here goes:

Addy has been making major gains in all areas. First off, her speech has been incredible (for someone that we thought was going to be very delayed). She has so many words now that we can't even count them all. She will try and imitate anything you say. I left for a 3 day conference and just in that short time, I returned to find that she had more speech than when I left.

Now that her speech is coming along, we are really starting to notice a lot of cognitive things with her. The therapists are always asking me how old she is because to them she appears older than her age in some areas. She's really into colors, letters and numbers right now. It's amazing to hear her spontaneously tell me the color of something (I didn't have any clue that she knew colors, oops!). She loves counting books and likes to find and count the numbers. We are having a hard time keeping her occupied with toys because she has really outgrown most of hers. She really seems to be into things much older than her age. She likes "I Spy" books, coloring, playdough, imaginative play with real doll houses, talking books that read to her, play kitchens, puzzles, sticker books and memory games. It's very exciting to see her making so much progress in this area.

About a month ago, Addy got her first set of ankle braces (SMO's). They are short braces that she wears on her feet. Since this time, we have noticed big differences in her ability to stand at objects, cruise furniture, get herself up and down and take steps with support. She just began to pull herself from the floor to a standing position against furniture. It's a very slow and labored process, but she can do it! She doesn't mind wearing her braces at all and now know that they are a part of her dressing routine.

Since she has been getting stronger with the braces, the therapists began to entertain the idea of using a walker with her. We knew this was coming, but were just waiting for her to get strong enough to be able to use it. Well, we tried it for the first time at therapy today and she quickly understood the concept of it. We now have it on loan and Addy will be getting her own. Her walk even with the walker is extremely slow and it takes a lot of work for her to use it, but its a start. The therapists and myself are envisioning her to have the walker for quite some time. It will probably be a long while before she gets anywhere near independent walking. I am just excited to get her up with her peers.

Of course, being a teacher, I have already been pursuing the issue with the therapists about where Addy may attend school (when she turns 3). Sure enough, more than likely, it will be our local POHI (Physically and Otherwise Health Impaired) program here within the Utica school district (same type of program that I teach in). I am fortunate for this as I know that they have a great program and she will be well supported.

That's all for now. Keep up the good work Addy!

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