Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday Party

Addy had a great birthday party on Saturday. The party was scheduled for 2:30 at a local park. I was very nervous all morning that the party was going to be a dud due to the weather. Well, God must have been on our side. By 1:00 the rain had stopped and it was beautiful blue skies. Due to the little bit of wind that stuck around, the park itself had dried very quickly. The kids had fun playing on the playground while the food cooked. As you can see by the pics, Addy had a blast. The last present was a customized chair from Grandma and Grandpa Mills. Once she opened it she didn't want to get up. With the crown on she looks to be sitting atop her throne. Very cute! Thanks to everyone for making it a great day for a special little girl.

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