Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Addy!

We had a very small celebration for Addy today as the big Dora birthday celebration will be coming this weekend. I think by the end of the day she finally figured out it was HER birthday. We just celebrated dad's birthday last week and mine is this upcoming Monday so she has been overwhelmed with birthdays, so when you ask her who's birthday it is, she just looks at you and will sometimes respond that it's daddy's birthday. She tried so hard to blow out the candles and finally managed with a little help from me. Her swingset was her big present from us, but we also got her 2 new DVD's.....Dora and The Wiggles. Before she even opened them, I asked her what they were thinking that she would respond with the word "present". Nope, she said "shows". Guess the packaging kind of gave them away. What fun it that! Anyway, Happy Birthday Addy from mom and dad. You have come so far in the 2 years that we have been blessed with you.

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Tara said...

Happy Birthday Addy! Tyler was excited to see you on your birthday. Hope to see you soon!! Have a great day tomorrow!!!!