Sunday, June 7, 2009

Around the House

Addy is done with her school therapy (Early Intervention) for the summer. We are sad to not be going there each week. At the last session, we spoke about crutches versus the walker. Addy has a goal written in her IEP that over the course of the next year, she will move to less support for walking. The next step would be arm crutches. They tried a pair with her to be sure they fit and the plan is to begin working with them when we return in the fall. Should be interesting.

I have 7 days of school left for myself (I know, we go very late this year) and then Addy will be out of daycare as well. I am trying to find things to keep us both busy. Addy and I will begin a 6 week therapeutic swim class starting next week and I also enrolled her in our Parks and Rec, Parent and Tot swim class. Then in August we will partake in a Mom and Tot play group. In between all of these we will be camping lots and paying visits to our local library for story time. Looking forward to all of it!

Here are a few around the house pics. Enjoy!

Having fun on the swingset
Taking a break to give mommy a kiss

Come on, I'm hungry.....Where's dinner?

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