Sunday, August 30, 2009

Catching up on some pics

Addy has started to love shopping. Can you tell by the pic?

Addy has started walking with canes at therapy. They are two very basic canes that she holds and uses as walking sticks. Her PT has been very impressed that she hasn't needed much help with patterning or physical help. When school begins again next week, her PT through early intervention is planning on working with her using forearm crutches. We are excited about that.

Addy has loved helping around the house lately. She will help me wash dishes, start the dishwasher and do the laundry. Hopefully that will transfer over to chores in the near future.

We visited another splash park with Cousin Reese and Aunt Colleen. During the previous splash park adventure, Addy was a little timid of the water. When she would get into the middle with lots of spray, she would start crying and I would have to rescue her. Well, by this splash park she has gotten over the timidness of the sprayers. She was all over the place and seemed to migrate toward the areas with more water.


Melanie said...

OMG she looks so tiny in that swing!!
the other photos she looks like she is having so much fun.

I have bobath sticks I made for Daniel (like walking sticks) that you can use if you'd like.

Hua said...


She looks adorable in these pictures! What a good girl, helping mommy out for the chores:)

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