Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Wiggles

We took Addy to The Wiggles show on Friday night. The Wiggles seem to be number one on her list lately. I think it's because they sing and dance and boy does she like to do both of those. We had floor tickets at the Palace. We arrived early as it can be difficult sometimes going to those kind of events. You never quite know what the seating arrangements will be like and it's too far to carry her so we have to bring a stroller. We got seated on the floor and we decided since we were on an end seat that Addy could utilize her walker to stand and dance as that is typically what most of the kids do at these shows. So Aaron ran back to the car to get the walker. The security crew quickly approached us and I thought for sure they were going to tell us that she couldn't use the hazard to be in the aisle way, blah, blah. blah. But, much to our surprise, they removed the end chair to make room for her walker. How nice was that! Then before we knew it they were back again telling us that they were keeping an eye out on the front row and any empty seats once the show started would be ours. Even nicer!

So the show began....Addy was in awe of seeing these guys that she watches on TV actually be there in real life and before we knew it we were being shuffled to the front row. Talk about saucers for eyes. The look on Addy's face was priceless and watching her dance with her walker the entire show was even more priceless. Every time I tried to pick her up and put her on my lap, she wasn't having it. At the end of the show, we had several people walk up to us including security personnel and tell us that they couldn't even watch the show because they were to busy watching Addy dance. Nothing like stealing the show from The Wiggles. You go girl!

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