Sunday, March 28, 2010

Addy's New Room

Addy continues to do well medically. She seems to be completely back to herself. Tomorrow we venture back to Children's Hospital for the spinal MRI. It will be done under sedation and the procedure is expected to take about an hour and a half. After the MRI, she will receive a skeletal survey. Then next week, we follow up with the neurologist.

In preparation for the new baby, we did away with our guest room and turned it into Addy's new big girl room. She absolutely loves everything about it. It came together much better than I had imagined. She loves sleeping in her big girl bed and has been a nice space to start accumulating some of her toys in order to make room to get all the baby equipment out again.


Janet said...

I love her room! I bet she feels like such a big girl.
Did you get the bedding from Target?

Anonymous said...


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