Monday, March 8, 2010


After Addy's initial seizure and hospital stay we have had some more developments.

We were discharged from the hospital on Wednesday with orders to receive a 24 hour EEG in 3 weeks. There was talk of an MRI at this point, but the suggestion was to wait until she turned 3 years old. The reason behind this was because usually by 3 years of age the myelin has completely formed around the nerves and would allow us to see if everything there has developed correctly. She had an MRI done at 4 months of age which was normal and will allow us to have a baseline to go on.

The next morning (Thursday), Addy awoke with another fever. This time it was only 100 degrees, but took me off guard since she didn't have a fever the entire time we were in the hospital. I immediately called the pediatrician and took her in for another look. Again, nothing was found. Her fever stayed 100 degrees all day which was good. The other oddity was that she had now acquired a stutter to her speech. Before all of this happened, she did mumble at times while she was processing what she wanted to say, however this was a true stutter. I tried to chalk it up to being developmental.

Friday, Addy awoke with no fever, still a stutter, but had a pretty good day. On Saturday, we had a family birthday party to attend. I was anxious to go and see what Addy's demeanor would be like back out in the environment away from the cooped up house. Addy had a good time, but Aaron and I both could tell she wasn't 100% herself, however it was difficult to put our finger on just what was wrong. We also noticed the stutter seemed to be getting worse. By the time we arrived home from the party, Addy's stutter was so bad she could hardly talk to us. Aaron and I both had pits in our stomachs that something just wasn't right. I immediately called the on-call pediatrician. Thankfully it was my own doc. Her advice was to take her back to Children's hospital.

So Saturday night we ended up back in the ER at Children's. The ER doc didn't seem too concerned as the situation did not seem life threatening to him. He didn't feel it was stroke like since it was a stutter rather than a slurring of words. He didn't want to put her through the unnecessary radiation of another CAT scan because he said the CAT scan from Tuesday would have shown us if their were a tumor or brain bleed. He consulted the on call neurologist who was concerned, but felt the best bet was to undergo a MRI. Problem was, if we were admitted to the hospital, the first time slot for an MRI wasn't until this upcoming Friday. So, they sent us home with a script for an outpatient MRI.

Sunday Addy woke up much more like herself. Her personality was back, however the stutter remained, just not as bad as we saw on Saturday. This made us feel much better. She had a good day and went back to daycare on Monday.

Today we went to an ENT appt. I really wanted her to be checked out to make sure that her throat was healed up from the surgery she had at the end of January. I thought that maybe the lack of appetite, changes in speech, thirstiness could all possibly be related to that. He scoped her and said she was healed fine. That was good news, but again still leaves us with many questions and no answers.

She will be having an MRI on March 18th which she will have to be sedated for. We then have an appt. to see neurology in April. In between then and now we will also be having the 24 hour EEG which has not yet been scheduled. We are hoping and praying for good results from all tests. I will also be consulting a speech therapist from early intervention about the stutter. Please keep Addy in your thoughts and prayers.

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