Sunday, October 3, 2010

Addy's First Day of School

Well, I am way behind on posting, but better late than never. Addy started school this year for the first time. She is attending a preschool program for kiddos who have physical impairments. As crazy as it may sound, mom also got a job in the same program this year. I have the K-2 classroom which is right next door to Addy's preschool room. I was very nervous as to how this would play out. I prepped Addy well in advance to let her know that when she got to school she would see mom everyday. She was told that she is allowed to say hello to me in the morning when she first comes off the bus, but then she has to go to her classroom. Believe it or not, she is doing wonderful with it. She says hello to me in the morning and goodbye before she leaves at lunch time and other than that she has not become dependent on mom being there.

She gets to ride the bus to and from school which she absolutely loves. She loves school too. She talks about it all the time, plays school and home and enjoys her homework each week. Keep up the good work Addy. I hope that you will always be as excited about school as you are today.

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