Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Addy has been making great progress in physical therapy. She has gone from being introduced to the walker to walking at a very nice pace. She has a difficult time turning the walker, because it takes upper and lower body strength, which she doesn't have in combination yet. We finally have her's ordered. She will be getting a walker called a "Nimbo" and the tot size comes in yellow. I was very particular about what kind of walker we ordered. I wanted it to be just the right one and to say the least I nit picked many of them. I'm glad it's on order, but I don't expect to get it until at least late January. For now we still have one on loan from MISD.

Now that Addy is up and walking, the therapists are noticing that she hyperextends her knees quite a bit. The reason she hyperextends is due to weakness in her legs. We are now questioning if Addy needs a higher orthotic for her ankle to limit some of the hyperextension. There are pros and cons to going to a higher orthotic. She would lose some of the mobility in her ankle that she currently has, as her foot would then be kept at a 90 degree angle. We would also lose her ability to continue to gain strength in her calf muscle. Staying with a shorter orthotic could mean that we would do damage on her knees for the future. If she continues to gain strength at a rapid pace, then hopefully the hyperextension would go away, but there's no saying how long that will be. She will be evaluated by the orthotist next week and then we will follow up with an orthopedic doctor.

Tomorrow we go back to the geneticist. We were there a year ago this month and she wanted to see Addy back in a year. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. Not sure if we will really gain any new information at this appointment, but sometimes we are surprised.

Don't mind me mom, I'm just paying some bills for you.

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