Monday, December 29, 2008


Addy had a wonderful Christmas. We weren't quite sure what her reaction to opening presents would be. To our surprise, she seemed to know just what to do. the cutest part was that she would open each gift and study the box very closely before asking us to open it. So far, the two most popular items seem to be the Dora House (#1 in her book) and the baby tiger. The baby tiger makes tiger noises and drinking noises when you play with him. She also got a cleaning set from Grandma Kris and she loves to attempt to sweep the floor. It's very cute. We are now in pursuit of Dora figurines to fill the playhouse. She has quite a few already, but of course with her, you can never have enough Dora. Aaron and I are going Dora crazy over here.

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Tara said...

yea!!! I'm glad we picked a favorite present for Addy! We walked up and down every aisle three times at Toys R Us looking for the perfect gift. One of Tyler's favorites is the printer. He loves it. He doesn't do much drawing but he gets a kick out of making the paper come out over and over!