Thursday, December 18, 2008

Equipment Update

I know your thinking that this isn't a pic of Addy. Well, your right, but it is a pic of what her new walker will look like. We have made a change since the last posting. We thought that we were heading in the direction of ordering a "Nimbo" walker, however, we have since learned that they had created new back wheels for the "Kaye" walker. This is the type of walker that Addy has on loan right now, but the back wheels on hers currently are not great. Instead of gripping the floor they have a tendency to just slide even though it has a braking system. Now that they have created new wheels that actually grip we have decided to go with the "Kaye" walker. Addy's walker will have 4 wheels with the possibility of the front wheels to unlock for swiveling as well as a small seat that will flip down if she gets tired. We mostly ordered the seat for daycare purposes.

Speaking of daycare, Addy was suppose to transition to the next room at daycare in November, however due to her not walking we have held her back just a bit. She will begin the transition after Chrsitmas to the older room. There is a lot more activity in this room. One of the reasons we did not transition yet is because they go outside to the big playground everyday, even in the winter. With no way for Addy to go other than to crawl, we wanted to give her some time to get up and moving with the walker. We have begun taking the walker to daycare each day for use when walking in the hallways. Mom is a little nervous about this transition. She needs to be in the room cognitively, but I'm worried about her getting run over by the other kids. Being in a daycare setting is much different than being in a specialized room at school. Just because Addy has a disability does not mean that they have to provide extra support. So, it still remains a 1:4 ratio. Sometimes I feel like they just won't have the time to move slower and give her the support she needs. We'll see.

Addy was also checked for different braces today. She's kind of in a tough spot right now with pros and cons to switching. It has been decided that we will wait about 6 weeks, see how much strength she can build in that time and they think again about putting her in a higher brace. We also will be seeing the orthopedic doctor again about this time and will be able to get his opinion as well.

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